Friday, August 10, 2012

Pororo & Friends Butter Orange Cake

August 10th, 2012 - Reece 6th Birthday!!  I am so blessed to have lots of friends.  Romana is my schoolmate in Stella Maris Tanjung Aru.  She was in Science Class and I was in Commerce Class but we all get along.  Peace!!  So, I received a text message from Rom and she wanted to order Pororo & Tayo cake for her son's birthday in school.  I love kids school treat! 

I have done pororo figurine before so I pretty much remember who and who in the characters plus I wacth this cartoon everyday at 5:30pm (I have a little nephew a fan club of pororo) lol.  I normally do not like to repeat my cake design.  Sometimes I received request from my clients to copy and paste but most of the time they throw me a challenge.  So here go, my own version of Pororo. 

Reece is one of the kind, he does not like anything chocolaty so Rom requested a Butter Orange cake for this cake.  Not to sound cenceited but they say my butter Orange cake was awesome and still is :)

Thank you Rom for your order and the opportunity.  I hope there's more to come.

Love Aunty QT

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