Friday, September 30, 2011

While She Was Away...

September 30th, 2011/Friday - How thoughtful one can be?  This is truly a true friends, while she was away from town, she rang me up and asked me to bake cookies for her besties. How did they react when I delivered it to them!  Shockingly Happy!  Oh yes!  That's what we want to see from them!  It's a great feeling!

We have carefully selected only the best true friends. Many people walk in and out of our life but only true friends will leave a footprint in our heart.  Thank you again Ms. Lat for your order I really appreciate it!

Choco & Butter Cookies
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Julian's 16th Birthday

September 29th, 2011
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Gisselle 2nd Birthday

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Monday, September 19, 2011

Lollycop & Cookie Bouquets

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Who does not like lollypop or lollycop I called it!!  At this age I still fancy them *wink*.  This is the perfect gifts to send to that someone special or group of people for all occasions and holidays, perhaps apologizing to your love ones or maybe your boss he he he...See, this is the perfect gift that instantly brings a smile on the face of the receiver.  I put my heart and soul to these cookies because I want people to enjoy biting every bite like the first bite yummm....Imagine that...

Prices range from:-
a) Lollycop is at RM3.90 each at 70gm weight.
b) Cookie Bouquet is at RM30.00 per bouquet.

Chocolate pow wow, Blondie (white chocolate), Cinnamon & sultanas.
Icing (optional)/with fondant icing additional RM1.00 each design.
Note: Lollycop and Cookie Bouquets come in many shapes and designs, it does not necessarily be round.  I could recommend some design according to your special occasions.

1. Pre-order three (3) days in advance
2. Minimum order is at 6 pieces for lollycop
3. A 50% deposit is required upon confirmation when you order more than 50 pieces.
4. Inclusive delivery around Kota Kinabalu area only.

Thank you for viewing...and don't wait too long come and try some lolly!!

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Friday, September 16, 2011

Smurf Is Back Baby!

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This was my favorite cartoon when I was a little girl and so you've watched the movie!  This has anspired me to make Smurf cupcakes, quite challenging for a person who has never done anything on fondant but thanks to "playdough" I have had enough practice lol.  After few trials & errors, I finally made the perfect red velvet recipe pheww....  Above picture is no joke 3 1/2 hours of labour for 6 pieces oh! 5 to be was a good training and thanks to my friend Joy, she came at the right time and she did all the "rounding" for me hee hee hee.  Now I know why they charge so much hee hee hee....But what a joy I was so happy with the result!

Lets reveal the charges;
a) Red Velvet with Fondant Icing @ RM6.50 each
b) Chocolate with Fondant Icing @ RM5.50 each
c) Butter with Fondant Icing @ RM4.50 each

Your Options of Flavor;
Chocolate based (Devil's Chocolate, Spiced Chocolate, Chocolate Ginger & Chocolate Chips)
Butter based (Coffee, Lemon, Orange, Mango, Rose & Banana)

* All of the above is Medium size.  You can request for different size, prices will be charged accordingly. 
* Minimum order 12 pieces
* Inclusive delivery around Kota Kinabalu area only.
* Additional charge for special wrap
* A 50% deposit is required upon confirmation
* Pre-Order;
- Three (3) days  - 12 to 50 cups prior to event & 
- One (1) week - 60 and above cups prior to event.
I love butter Orange, Coffee and Mango but that's just my personal preference... those are my favourite! Of course the rest tastes as good ;)

I look forward to your order!! Small Bite goes a Long way....

Thank you for viewing..happy days!

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Personalized Cookies Promotion!!!

Butter Mango Cookies

Okay here's the deal, I want to be generous & kind this month. I have a solution to all cookies lovers; whether you need a birthday cookies, a congratulations cookies, a cookie that says thank you or just because they're the sweetest thing that you've ever laid eyes on, I have put together a collection of the most delicious cookies for any occasion. These cookies are great as a gift favor. 

This promotion ends October 31st, 2011.  Your order is welcome now.

Here you go;
a) Option I
One (1) Dozen (12 pieces) @ RM30.00
Flavor - Butter Shortbread, Butter Mango & Butter Orange
Shape - Elephant, Giraffe, Rabbit, Frog (Assorted Animal), High Heel, Crown & Baby T-Shirt 
Icing Type - Royal Icing 
Normal Rate @ RM3.50 each

b) Option II
One (1) Dozen (12 pieces) @ RM36.00
Flavor - Chocolate chips, Chocolate almond & Chocolate Sultanas
Shape - House, Gown, Cake, Heart, Bell, Square & Round.
Icing type - Royal Icing
Normal Rate @ RM3.90 each 

* Note:Fondant Icing additional @ RM1.00

c) Option III
One (1) Bag of mini assorted cookies @ RM3.50 each
Flavor - Butter Orange/Mango cookies 
Shape - Car, Star, Teddy Bear, Puppy, Fish (All inclusive in a bag)

Purchase more than 100 pieces any of the above option, received a FREE cookie bouquet, according to your occasion.

1. You may change the flavor but the cookie's shape remain the same as there are diferrent in size between option I & II. (Not applicable on Option III)
2.  Additional charge for personalized lettering on wrapping, depending on design.
3. Additional charge for extra decoration on wrapping i.e wrapping bag, doll, ribbons and etc.
4. A 50% deposit upon confirmation.  Full payment to be settled upon received of goodies.
5.No cancellation charges seven (7) days prior to order.  Non refundable deposit at last minute cancellation.
6. Pre-order three(3) days for 12 - 80 pieces, seven (7) days for 100 and above pieces.

The above promotion inclusive standard wrapping and delivery around Kota Kinabalu area only. 

Thank you I look forward for your orders!

Thursday, September 8, 2011

My "Private Practice"

Mini Assorted animal cookies gift favor
Animal Character Cookies suitable for kids gift favor
Hi All!!  Miss Me??  I have been away for a couple of months to upgrade myself lol...Here's the real thing..I Hate baking!!  My mother is a baker but I never took the appoturnity to learn, simply because I am clumsy. Each time when my mom asks me for help, it's either I accidently ruin her beautiful decorated cakes or I was just plain clumsy adding different types flour!  But hey, today...I bake my own cookies self taught and of course a little or maybe a few great tips and tricks from my mom.  I never thought I could do it but here I am enjoying every bit of it and I am loving it!  Little that I know, it runs in the blood lol...

These cookies are made to order and you may choose any color and design you desire to make them your own. 

Prices start at RM 3.50 to RM5.00 each depending on detail work, size and design.
Make a memorable event today! Call me at +6 016 819 7694

Baby Shower cookies gift favor

Wedding Cookies Gift Favor