Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Yee Sang Delivery Activity

Hi all, just a quick update and exciting day to share.  We are delivering Yee Sang to offices tomorrow January 27, 2011.  Thank goodness we managed to get everything done for the last minute orders!  Thumbs up to Chef, he has been a great help!

Hopefully they will enjoy the Yee Sang that we have created and more orders to come..never too late we are still open for orders...Remember one phone call away just dial this number and your food will be delivered at your door step... call now at 016 819 7694

Saturday, January 22, 2011

Lunch Box Package

1st Category Lunch Box Package
Grilled Chicken Chop with Gravy/Butter Mix Vegetables/Mashed Potato
One (1) Orange Or Red Apple
One (1) Bottle of Water
RM18.00 per person

2nd Category Lunch Box Package
Mix & Match Set Lunch of the day
One (1) Starter + One (1) Choice of Fish/Chicken/Beef + One (1) Vegetable of the day
One (1) Orange Or Red Apple Or Tropical Fresh Cut Fruit
One (1) Bottle of Water
RM12.00 per person
Note: Main Course Menu to be given upon request

3rd Category Lunch Box Package
Chicken Ham Sandwich
One (1) Packet of Cracker
One (1) Orange Or Red Apple
One (1) Bottle of Water
RM10.00 per person


Minimum 10 persons

We Make things Easy for you...

Our Products & Services

Eating & Gathering (Outside Catering)
~Birthday (Kids Theme Party)/Fullmoon/
Graduation/ /Farewell/
Engagement/Wedding/Festive Celebration~
(Pre-Book at least one (1) month prior to event)
Minimum 30 persons

Office Affairs
~Morning & Afternoon Coffee Break/Staff Annual Party/
Staff Farewell Party~
(Pre-Book at least one (1) month prior to event)
Minimum 30 persons

Lunch Box
~Packed Lunch~
(Office Daily Food delivery – Minimum 5 persons)
(Island/Mountain -Minimum 30 persons)
(Pre-Book at least Two (2) weeks prior to event)

Sugar Made Easy
~Homemade Cakes/Cookies/Cupcakes~
(Birthday/Engagement/Wedding/Special Occasion)
(Pre-Book at least one (1) month prior to event)

Butchery & Special Marinated Raw Item
(Pre-Book at least Three (3) Days in Advance)

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Yee Sang with A Twist!!.

Celebrate your New Lunar Year with this special created Yee Sang by Chef Mursidi... Yee Sang with A twist!

A little history of Yee Sang, its name itself, yee sang, means raw fish but can be taken to symbolise abundance, prosperity and vigour. 

All the ingredients & sause should be mixed and tossed as high as you can for better luck in lunar year.  When you toss everybody should say "LO HEI" so that new opportunity comes...

Prices Range from RM158 to RM288 with lots of variety to choose from for instance; Pan Asia, MaChinDia, Comtemporary & Old Fashion or Even Japanese Yee Sang.

Call us for more information at 016 819 7694

Chicken Pandan Promotion

We continue to offer these sure true flavors Chicken Pandan marinated in traditional way wrapped in Pandan Leaf.
We sell & supply ready marinated Chicken Pandan at only RM18.00 per 500gm 
Choose your favorite marination
(Thai, Filipino, Malay Or Chinese)

Pre-Order three (3) days in advance
call at 016 819 7694

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Culinary Art & Garnishing Workshop

    Culinary arts & Garnishing are popular and widely present in major hotels & resorts.  Classes in the culinary arts are quite expensive, often costing thousands of Ringgit.   Luckily, there is some ways to access culinary arts classes at minimum cost with great value. This workshop is designed to offer participants to experience new tips, tricks, and hands on practice.  We offer great fruit & vegetable carving demonstration that can be basic and not so basic, skills and techiques.

   Here are the details: 
Date: January 30th, 2011/Sunday
   Time: 9:00am – 5:00pm
   Venue: KPD, Likas Bay, Conference Room
  Fee: RM150.00nett per person
Inclusive: One (1) Morning Coffee Break; One (1) Lunch;
One (1) Afternoon Coffee Break;  Module 101 & One (1) Carving Apron.

Present by Chef Mursidi Tornah a professional culinary artist for more than 15 years.
Note: Bring your own Fruit, Vegetable & White Plate (Any shape/kind) or purchase Fruit & Vegetable from us during the event

Early Bird registers ON Or BEFORE January 24th 2011/Monday
 will get carving tool for FREE.  
Registration opens now, closing date on January 25th, 2011/Tuesday.
Contact us for more information (program) Or registration at +6 016 819 7694 or email at

Monday, January 17, 2011

Gotta Start Somewhere....why not here??

My name is Ms. Beverley Chow from Keningau. I graduated in Tourism & Business Management at Western Michigan University USA year 2000.  I have had two (2) years of working Internship at “The Lodge at Yarrow” Augusta Michigan.  I received my professional training here pretty much covered all departments. I came back to Kota Kinabalu in year 2000 October and started working since.  My first job was as a Tour consultant at a well known travel agent in Sabah, Wildlife Expeditions Sdn Bhd.  I left after 3 years of servicing the company and moved to hotel industry; begin with Nexus Karambunai Resort,Shangri-La Hotel, Le Meridien Hotel Kota Kinabalu & Sutera Harbour Resort & Spa.  Throughout my hotel journey, I have always been in sales & marketing department dealing with catering events for Corporate, Government, Social & Weddings.  I stride into restaurant panaroma in 2007 at @mosphere Revolving Restaurant  (fine dining) in Kota Kinabalu as a Sales Manager.  I enjoyed every moment of my journey in the service industry.  Each station was my best training ground & I love working with my team especially at Le Meridien Hotel &  @tmosphere Restaurant, that was the best experience ever and I miss them all! 
I am very passionate about Food.  I love tasting, detailing & presenting food. My attempt to open up a cafĂ©/restaurant has been postpone for many years, I never had the courage to start my own. Today, I challenge & humble myself to start from the bottom; be it under the sun, in the pouring rain, unfamiliar places, etc. I wanted to experience the game of gaining and hopefully with my determination and faith in God I will make it one day!!  Furthermore, I came from a catering family business background.  My mother was a caterer and had operated a restaurant in Keningau many years ago.

I started off by selling “Nasi Lemak Nyonya”.  At that time, I've got my food supply from Nyonya Corner in Karamunsing.  I enrolled myself in any public events such as “Hari Pelandang" KPD, Flea Market (Tamu)  every chance I've got & I did lunch boxes delivery to offices just to try out the market.  I have got tremendous great feedback from my clients & I was happy that the food orders were consistent.  I continue supplying food to offices on daily basis and to my surprise I started receiving enquiries about catering private function.

I am pleased with chef’s performance and made an effort to meet him. Chef Mursidi Bin Tornah, 33, a local Sandakan guy that has been working in the Kitchen department since he was 17 years of age.  He traveled to several countries outside of Malaysia to gain his knowledge.  His last service was at Sofitel Dubai six (6) months ago. He came back to Kota Kinabalu to start fresh and hoping to start up his own business.  I was impressed at his talent and started asking more about his practice in the Kitchen.   I learned to see his capability of cooking various kind of food from Malay (his strength), Chinese, Continental, Japanese & Korean.  His talent does not end in cooking; nevertheless he is also a professional culinary artist. 
I find a balance skills that Chef and I have.  Therefore, I have asked Chef Mursidi to team up with me as a freelance caterer. My role is to capture sales and market our products and services; while Chef is the end product.  We have been operating for more than two (2) months. For a time being, Chef is cooking at his premise.

Based on two (2) months record, we have catered for several companies & home basis for instance Essoil & Draus, SESB, University Malaysia Sabah (UMS), Celcom, DiGi, Good Earth Travel Agent, KKIPC, Kinabalu Sawit and just to name a few. 

In addition, we have done an event at Central Shopping Plaza on January 2nd, 2011 for kids Cupcakes designs.  We have also planned a year calendar activities & promotions to continue the interest and to motivate us to build rapport to the public and existing clientele.  

We are enjoying the journey & hoping to expand & grow in the future.  We do not see much of a profit yet, as it is a little too early to determine.  Therefore, we seek support from friends and familly to allow us to strengthen & develop solid business.

Today we continue our journey in God's will and time we will be sucessful ....MY DREAM IS MY DRIVE BMW (Bring More Wealth)...*wink*

Enjoy my newly learned blog he he he

Thank you for reading :)