Friday, May 27, 2011

Angry Bird

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May 21, 2011/Thursday - It's a come back, here's Angry bird again, our most favourite piece by many.  Not just nice to look at but it's also yummy!! Our creative pastry chef has so much to offer upon your request.

Thank you Ms. Breinda for your order.  We appreciate it and hope to receive more orders soon!

Happy 9th Birthday Jared Teh from us at QT!!  Enjoy your cake...

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Breakfast on The Board Meeting

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May 21, 2011/Thursday - A good breakfast meeting can be productive and motivating.  But they take planning like any good meeting.  Here's where we came in as a food provider.

Have a coffee and breakfast before the meeting starts they say.  This gives people a chance to say hello, catch up and get comfortable.  It also gives added incentives to attendees to get there before the official meeting begins.  We are pleased to be the caterer for Sedcovest Board Meeting Breakfast at Wawasan Plaza this morning.

Chef Mursidi had prepared a memorable breakfast munchies featuring our latest menu Buffolo Wings with Lemon spicy sauce it's truly yummy!  Also including in the menu are fried noodle with fish cakes, potato puffs and traditional durian flavored layered cake.

Thank you Ms.Victoria, we appreciate your support and business, we hope to receive more orders soon!


Talk Of The Office

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May 25th, 2011/Wednesday - Our most recent addition to our repertoire of event is our excellent production of "Theme-Work".  When we received a booking, we make sure to have all the details right to suit the menu and theme.  The poultry department threw a farewell cum birthday party for their team members recently at their office, which we think was a great way to make everyone's work easy.  No hassle of driving under the hot sun, no need to search for a park & pays parking ticket etc.  All food is served in the office nice and hot, they only have to serve themselves.

As for the food, Chef Mursidi created a wonderful meal to serve for this party.  The poultry department had requested to try out their "colored chicken",  chef carefully steam the chicken in "Hainanese style" to ensure that the meat can be seen fresh and juicy tender.  "Colored chicken" is KPD latest production and promotion.  It sure tasted like chicken but more juicy and the meat is so tender even when you deep fried it.  Anyways, to top it up chef's special fish fillet in Vietnamese sauce was the champion, followed by the Rainbow rice.  Vegetable in coconut sauce was one of their favourite and of course tropical fruit & fresh Calamansi juice were served in style.

Office party is a great way to say a big thank you & appreciate the staff hard work.  Feel free to ask about us and we will come to the rescue.

Pok Pok Pok Pok Pok means Thank you (maybe in chicken language).  he he he

Many thanks to Mdm Tsen, we appreciate your support and business.  We look forward for more events soon.

Hot Chick

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Lea's 1st Birthday

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May 27, 2011/Friday - Here is a toast to Lea!!  Yay you turned one today!! 

Because today is your 1st Birthday
And you are special too,
Everything that's happy,
is being wished for you
Happy Birthday Little Lea!

Your mommy has booked us to make your party a memorable one.  She has perfectly planned everything for you, the color, the menu and the decoration, with that it allows us to provide a scrumptious buffet style dinner with our most popular items as such Sambal Ikan, Chicken Rendang, Buttered Mixed Vegtables,  Fried Noodles with condiments, Vegetable Spring Roll, Chicken Ham Sandwich and to end with Tropical fruit, Fresh Squeezed refreshing Lemon, Sour Plum & Orange Juice (QT style) and last but not least Coffee and Tea.

Thank you Mdm Easterina for the opportunity, we appreciate your support and business.  We hope to serve you more in the future.

Aunty Bev

It's a Wrap!

May 27th, 2011/Friday - It's easy and it's quick to prepare suitable for kids and adult finger food.  Chef Mursidi had prepared Tortillas served with potato chips for Ms Kiara Kasilau's Kamaatan pre-school party at Bumble Bee Pre-school. What a joy to see happy kids playing and enjoying their "pot luck" food served on colorful kids tables. 

Thank you Mdm Cathy for your order.  We look forward for more pot lucks..he he he


Friday, May 20, 2011

The Adrian's Family

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May 19, 2011/Thursday - Age does not matter, it's a celebration!  Birthdays are a wonderful celebration, it does not matter big or small, the idea is to gather family members and friends.  The Adrian's family is our top notch clientele a.k.a friends who have always support us for many of their special occasions.   We thank you very much for your continuation orders and support.  We appreciate it and hope to celebrate more special occasions with your family.

We know your favourite dish, therefore Chef Mursidi has made it extra special.  We hope you have enjoyed the Ikan Tom Yam Tumis Kering, Beef Rendang, Honey Chicken, Jackfruit in Coconut sauce with Salted fish and Lamb curry.  Every meal cooked with a smile and lots of passion..he he he..

We wish uncle a Happy Birthday!!  There's a saying we turn not older with years, but newer everyday!  Have a blessed birthday and many returns from us at "Quick Takes"!

Thank you

Warm regards,
+6 016 819 7694

ArabWood Night

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May 20, 2011/Friday - Close your eyes.  Now think of a rhythm....  Does the beat move your hips?  What a fun night to watch beautiful and colorful people dazzling and swaying their hair and bodies dancing the belly dance with their heart's out.  The music did really touch the hipstrings!   We were pleased to have the opportunity to cater for Borneo Fitness Academy!  The beautiful in and out Ms Yuen the owner of the Fitness Academy organized a charity dinner for Jireh Home needy children, totally a night to remember.  May there'll be more blessings for you.

Since it was an Arabian Theme night, Chef Mursidi has created a perfect menu to suit the theme.  I for once have never tried any Arabian food oh maybe I have but do not know that was Arabian, anyways Chef prepared Humus as a starter accompanied with Pita Bread and Baguette bread, Chickpea Soup (we heard rumor it was everyone's favourite *wink*), Arabian Rice, Shrimp Abu Dhabi (Murabyan - it was jolly good delicious!), Supreme Vegetable Au-Gratin, Beef Stew Middle East Style (Also everyone's favourite), Vegetable spring roll and homemade banana & chocolate cakes end with of course coffee Or tea.  Absolutely beautiful dinner!

We look forward for more theme nights at BFA perhaps I should already start dancing like one!

Hand Clapping with joy!  Thank you 


+6 016 819 7694

Saturday, May 14, 2011

Mommy Perfect Food Directory

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May 14th, 2011/Saturday - Happy 2nd Birthday Nathan!!  Thank you Mdm Rachel for allowing us to provide you our services.  We are trilled that you have chosen us and hope that everyone is enjoying the Chicken Boxing with Nachos, Vegetable Spring Rolls and Fried Noodles with condiments.

Thank you once again for choosing us.  We appreciate it and look forward to hear from you soon.



Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Matters Of Style....

May 7th, 2011/Saturday - Keep the excitement going!  This was not just an ordinary cake for Granpa's/Daddy Birthday, Mr.J. Wong has never been short of great idea for cakes at a short moment.  He has chosen a car key cake for his dad..maybe a surprised "sports car" ready to be driven shortly after the cake cutting he he he....We need a test drive too Mr. J *wink*

Thank you for your order, we welcome any creamy, dreamy perfection cakes that inspires you but sometimes we know it is "too nice too slice" the cake :)

Sweet!  We see you on your next order!  Sugar does make easy isn't it....


Which Season are you?

May 9th, 2011/Monday -History repeated itself.  Product of KPD, fresh from the farm.  Once again Chef Mursidi has presented a Four Seasons Shitake Mushroom for the "Bon Voyage" of the Rural Development Corporation Chairman at Wisma Pertanian this morning.  Chef has prepared two (2) hot and two (2) cold items inspired by the "Iron Chef" black box on AFC..he he he...namely Kerabu Urab, Shitake Skewer, Shitake Salsa Bruchetta & Shitake Walldroft Salad Ooo that was so yummy.  I have never tasted raw shitake, it was like a "fear factor" for me.  However, after a few try it wasn't that bad after all!  I personally like the bruchetta and skewer Shitake, both have their own character of taste, it's really fresh.  You have to try to believe it!

Thank you KPD management for the opportunity, we hope to be your "Shitake Mushroom" ambassador where Chef could create all menu based on Shitake Mushroom..that would be great!  Crossing our fingers....We enjoyed the challenge and hope to be given more opportunity.


Yours Truly
Shitake. M