Monday, August 6, 2012

A-Do-Rable Tea Party with Green, Yellow and Pink theme colors

Abbiessen The Birthday Girl

Kids Cutlery, matching plates and matching water botles
Vegetable spring roll, & Assorted Mini Packed Sandwiches
Mini Chocolate Melting Cupcakes
Candy Jar with Toffee, Apple and Strawberry Sweets
Customade Food Tag
My team service staff

BBQ Wings

Jawanese Hot and Sour Fish

Wild Vegetables in Oyster Sauce
Slow Roast Beef on Bedded Baked Herbs Potatoes

Acar Timun
Pasta Fruit Salad
Mini Buffet Spread with Service Staff

At the Party
Madam Shirley with her 2 beautiful Angels
Miss Candy Station
August 4th, 2012 - Kinarut Tea Party!  I have been working a lot on kids cakes and several kids theme party.  This was pretty exciting & challenging for me.  I have to consider the distance, time to deliver the food and do the rest of the setup.  Anyways, I've received an email from Mdm Shirley went I was away for a holiday.  I thought this could be an interesting party theme to do.  So she wanted three colors combination yellow, pink and green with tea party theme.  Lucky me!  I have all the stuff ready on hand. 

My game plan was to mix a little character in the theme so I used a lot of dots and checks for the table cloth. I have devided into 3 stations to make it looked spacious and fun to move about.  So there were Adult, Kids and Beverage station. My favourite was of course the Candy Bar.  I played a lot of colors here to enhance the table personality so it's more fun and just to amuse the kids.  True enough kids just loved it!  I have prepared Strawberry, Apple and Chocolate Toffee to match the theme and some "old skool" chips Mamee and Chikadees.  The most popular from this table was the Melting Chocolate cupcakes with matching fondant animals colors as topper.  Something that I have always wanted to do was the cutlery for the kids..and it was pretty eye catching!   Even the adult loved it so much! 

From my kitchen team, for the Adult station; they have prepared a mini buffet spread. Lets begin from the starter Acar timun a cold traditional Malaysian salad. A mixture of cucumber, carrot, pineapple and red chili. Then we have Pasta Fruit Salad my chef's version a little sweet with Lemon zest.  Here go the main course Wild vegetable in oyster sauce, Jawanese Hot & Sour Fish (I heard this was something new for them and it was a winner), BBQ wings was an old time favourite and still is, it was so yummy it was all gone!'s another menu that was new to them thin sliced Roasted beef bedded on baked herbs potatoes also I do not know which one is the real no.1 now??  ha ha ha...Fried mee hoon with condiments and steam white rice.  Oh also not forgetting the dessert counter we have some tropical cubed fruits and end with Orange Juice, Coffee and Tea.

We have received a lot of great comments from the organizer and her guests. It was awesomely great!!  I wish Baby Aabbissen a Happy 2nd Birthday lucky girl! 

Thank you so much Madam Shirley for the opportunity and hopefully there's more to come.

From all of us at "QT"

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