Friday, August 10, 2012

Drummer Boy Chocolate Cake

August 11th, 2012 - Keningau - Here's my version of music drummer Chocolate Macademia Cake!!  It was a double celebration in Keningau last weekend.  My brother celebrated his 29th & mom's 62nd birthday!  So we all drove back to Keningau to celebrate their birthdays!  BBQ is so much fun and enjoyed the spread of BBQ and Steamboat (Hot pot) that night.

My brother loves music, he plays drum and guitar but he can't sing (no never ask him to) lol.  I guess he has inherited that from our dad.  Some say it runs in the family but too bad I can't play any instrument but I can sing a little bit.  Dad sent us (my sister and I) to Piano class when we were in primary school, I regretted not focusing otherwise I could have been a Diva by now lol....

Anyways, this is a 2.5kg chocolate cake.  My brother loves this chocolate macademia cake, he likes it with extra layered of butter icing in the middle of the cake.  So I did just that...we have about 50 guests that night with plenty of extra cakes and other dessert for them to enjoy.

Happy Birthday little brother, I wish you well in your future undertakings and may god always bless you with good health.


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