Friday, August 10, 2012

Mom's Garden Coffee Cake

August 10th, 2012 - Keningau - Happy 62nd Birthday to my mother!  I was contempleting whether to do her a cottage house cake or a garden theme cake? So I thought this cake will travel far to Keningau the safest way is to make a flat cake that is easy to fit the car and steady. 

My mother is a coffee drinker in fact all of us at home except dad..well yea sometimes he does.  She drinks coffee like nobody's business 6 cups to be exact and it has to be pipping hot when you serve it.  Typical of her!!  lol  We should plant our own coffee tree lol...Anyways, I baked mom coffee cake my first trial.  I've got it from my baking book. I have never tried this before but turned out well and I received comments said it tasted like "Honey Bee Comb" cake..Interesting!!

So yea, I still need to do a lot of practice on my coffee cake!  So coffee bring it on!!

Happy Birthday mommy, many returns and good health. Love from all of us at home! 

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