Friday, August 10, 2012

Mommy's Little Baby Boy School Treat!

August 10th, 2012 - Tayo Tayo!  Tayo Tayo His a friendly little bus! Aaaa I know this song!!  lol  Good thing that I have little nephew. I learn a lot from watching cartoon.  There's one in Disney Channel that I like the most is Word's World.  Whoever created this cartoon is so clever!!  Everything is shaped according to what is spelled...ok ok a little too carried away lol. 

Anyways,  here's another school treat for Reece.  As per request cake this was a pure butter cake.  When it comes to solely Butter Cake, I make sure I use the best quality butter to bake because it is on it's own so I do not want to dissapoint my clients. 

Also in the menu today, I have made a little Hot Dog bun with a dash of relish, mince BBQ beef on the second layer and a mini cheese coktail sausage with mayo and tomato sauce on top.  Yummy!  It is an easy bite so I am sure kids will love this as well.  To top it up I also made chocolate and strawberry cake pop.  Suddenly this is the top knotch order from my clients he he he..

Ok enough said, I better get some rest and start baking on my next project.

Thanks again Romana for your order.

Love Aunty QT

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