Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Which Season are you?

May 9th, 2011/Monday -History repeated itself.  Product of KPD, fresh from the farm.  Once again Chef Mursidi has presented a Four Seasons Shitake Mushroom for the "Bon Voyage" of the Rural Development Corporation Chairman at Wisma Pertanian this morning.  Chef has prepared two (2) hot and two (2) cold items inspired by the "Iron Chef" black box on AFC..he he he...namely Kerabu Urab, Shitake Skewer, Shitake Salsa Bruchetta & Shitake Walldroft Salad Ooo that was so yummy.  I have never tasted raw shitake, it was like a "fear factor" for me.  However, after a few try it wasn't that bad after all!  I personally like the bruchetta and skewer Shitake, both have their own character of taste, it's really fresh.  You have to try to believe it!

Thank you KPD management for the opportunity, we hope to be your "Shitake Mushroom" ambassador where Chef could create all menu based on Shitake Mushroom..that would be great!  Crossing our fingers....We enjoyed the challenge and hope to be given more opportunity.


Yours Truly
Shitake. M

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