Friday, May 20, 2011

The Adrian's Family

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May 19, 2011/Thursday - Age does not matter, it's a celebration!  Birthdays are a wonderful celebration, it does not matter big or small, the idea is to gather family members and friends.  The Adrian's family is our top notch clientele a.k.a friends who have always support us for many of their special occasions.   We thank you very much for your continuation orders and support.  We appreciate it and hope to celebrate more special occasions with your family.

We know your favourite dish, therefore Chef Mursidi has made it extra special.  We hope you have enjoyed the Ikan Tom Yam Tumis Kering, Beef Rendang, Honey Chicken, Jackfruit in Coconut sauce with Salted fish and Lamb curry.  Every meal cooked with a smile and lots of passion..he he he..

We wish uncle a Happy Birthday!!  There's a saying we turn not older with years, but newer everyday!  Have a blessed birthday and many returns from us at "Quick Takes"!

Thank you

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