Friday, April 29, 2011

Love You Long Time.....

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April 29, 2011/Friday - What a great way to kick off the weekend!  We thank you for choosing us Mrs.Alex.  It was very thoughtful and nice of you to arrange a "surprised" birthday party for your hubby.  Happy Birthday Alex!!  You guys are truly an outstanding couple. We are always pleased and excited to hear from you. 

It was such a nice end to a long weekend, we hope everyone enjoys the dinner & we wonder if the coffee lamb wakes everyone up?  hee hee hee  Chef Mursidi has created a special sauce for the lamb and Assorted Vegetable on concasse, I thought cheese will go well with it, so chef generously put lots of cheese on top! Mmmm.... Not to mention that the baked potato is a come back, must be your favorite.  Something chinese the blackbean chicken with assorted condiments not just pretty but also yummy!!  You have made all the right choices and we are happy to prepare for you :)

We thank you again for your order.  We hope to hear from you again very soon!

Best Wishes,

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