Friday, May 27, 2011

Talk Of The Office

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May 25th, 2011/Wednesday - Our most recent addition to our repertoire of event is our excellent production of "Theme-Work".  When we received a booking, we make sure to have all the details right to suit the menu and theme.  The poultry department threw a farewell cum birthday party for their team members recently at their office, which we think was a great way to make everyone's work easy.  No hassle of driving under the hot sun, no need to search for a park & pays parking ticket etc.  All food is served in the office nice and hot, they only have to serve themselves.

As for the food, Chef Mursidi created a wonderful meal to serve for this party.  The poultry department had requested to try out their "colored chicken",  chef carefully steam the chicken in "Hainanese style" to ensure that the meat can be seen fresh and juicy tender.  "Colored chicken" is KPD latest production and promotion.  It sure tasted like chicken but more juicy and the meat is so tender even when you deep fried it.  Anyways, to top it up chef's special fish fillet in Vietnamese sauce was the champion, followed by the Rainbow rice.  Vegetable in coconut sauce was one of their favourite and of course tropical fruit & fresh Calamansi juice were served in style.

Office party is a great way to say a big thank you & appreciate the staff hard work.  Feel free to ask about us and we will come to the rescue.

Pok Pok Pok Pok Pok means Thank you (maybe in chicken language).  he he he

Many thanks to Mdm Tsen, we appreciate your support and business.  We look forward for more events soon.

Hot Chick

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