Friday, May 20, 2011

ArabWood Night

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May 20, 2011/Friday - Close your eyes.  Now think of a rhythm....  Does the beat move your hips?  What a fun night to watch beautiful and colorful people dazzling and swaying their hair and bodies dancing the belly dance with their heart's out.  The music did really touch the hipstrings!   We were pleased to have the opportunity to cater for Borneo Fitness Academy!  The beautiful in and out Ms Yuen the owner of the Fitness Academy organized a charity dinner for Jireh Home needy children, totally a night to remember.  May there'll be more blessings for you.

Since it was an Arabian Theme night, Chef Mursidi has created a perfect menu to suit the theme.  I for once have never tried any Arabian food oh maybe I have but do not know that was Arabian, anyways Chef prepared Humus as a starter accompanied with Pita Bread and Baguette bread, Chickpea Soup (we heard rumor it was everyone's favourite *wink*), Arabian Rice, Shrimp Abu Dhabi (Murabyan - it was jolly good delicious!), Supreme Vegetable Au-Gratin, Beef Stew Middle East Style (Also everyone's favourite), Vegetable spring roll and homemade banana & chocolate cakes end with of course coffee Or tea.  Absolutely beautiful dinner!

We look forward for more theme nights at BFA perhaps I should already start dancing like one!

Hand Clapping with joy!  Thank you 


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