Friday, May 27, 2011

Breakfast on The Board Meeting

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May 21, 2011/Thursday - A good breakfast meeting can be productive and motivating.  But they take planning like any good meeting.  Here's where we came in as a food provider.

Have a coffee and breakfast before the meeting starts they say.  This gives people a chance to say hello, catch up and get comfortable.  It also gives added incentives to attendees to get there before the official meeting begins.  We are pleased to be the caterer for Sedcovest Board Meeting Breakfast at Wawasan Plaza this morning.

Chef Mursidi had prepared a memorable breakfast munchies featuring our latest menu Buffolo Wings with Lemon spicy sauce it's truly yummy!  Also including in the menu are fried noodle with fish cakes, potato puffs and traditional durian flavored layered cake.

Thank you Ms.Victoria, we appreciate your support and business, we hope to receive more orders soon!


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