Monday, February 6, 2012

Nicholas and Patricia Engagement Day

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Feb 4th 2012 - Congratulations it's a celebration!!  What a wonderful engagement party of Nicholas and Patricia simply elegant and warm.  This was truly East meets West love story. My team and I would like to personally thank Pat and Nico for the opportunity to cater for their engagement party.  They both deserve each other so loving, so in love, so perfect for each other. 

They live in New Caledonia a little French Island somewhere in the globe....hehehe..Imagine someone from thousand miles away asking you to cater for them.  I felt honored :)  Like I have always said nothing is impossible, with technology the world became so small that via a small suitcase we managed to make a deal from here, thus the result was absolutely fantastic!

Pat and I are friends from a small town called Keningau.  After she graduated from the University, she moves to New Caledonia for work and the rest is history.  I was delighted to hear that she was going to tie a knot and to my surprised she wanted us to cater for their party :)  We then started communicating back and forth to get all the details right.  Pat has a fantastic taste very classy and simple. 

Their theme was Silver, Navy Blue and White.  After one week of collecting all the data, my imagination starts to run so wild, I incorporated with all the details, colors, food, cake, cupcakes & engagement gifts to suit and create the ambiance. Yes it was a materialized dream party.  For me it was a great challenge but it will not gone perfect without the help of my team.  Thank you team for your hard work, I appreciate it so much!  It was all worth it!! 
Oh we are not forgetting the food are we??  My team and I have prepared a wonderful spread for the early birds namely four canapes Prawn Fritters with lemon zest, Mini Chicken  Ham Sandwich, Crabstick on Egg Roll & Mini Pocket Money.  Everyone loved the Cream of Beetroot soup, we served them with assorted dinner roll which was freshly baked.  As for the main course, I was told Spaghetti Bolognese was Pat's favourite and we made it extra special with extra sauce, Grill Chicken Maryland with sweet corn cob was a bomb they say and so did the Beef Stewed & Buttered Vegetable.  It ended with Sweet such as Devil's Chocolate Cupcakes, Assorted Candy and Tropical Fruit of course with Coffee and Tea and some freshing Punch!!

Everyone was happy including my team and I!!  We had so much fun!!  Thank you again N&P!!  We look forward for another event! Wwoohoo!!

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