Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Local Delight at Wisma Pertanian

Feb 29th, 2012 - My schedule is so so this week, nothing much to shout about at this moment.  My sister who works in this building asked me whether I wanted to participate their Food Festival at Wisma Pertanian.  I quickly jumped and start calling my super heroin B"abu Jawa" for local delights..pheww!!  Luckily she was available.  Otherwise I have got nothing to sell since I am Mmmmm...a little laid back this week hee hee's fine getting help at times ya *wink*

People here love local delicacy.  I wanted to sell something that suits their taste and interest.  So, I had a little bit of everything, it's assorted local malay cakes such as Sagu with Coconut coating, Kasui, Bingka Ubi, Bingka Pandan, Kuih Lenggang, Seri Muka and kuih lapis.  True enough, it's gone by minutes....he he he...

Okay, I think it was good enough today, tomorrow is another day!! 

Happy Day!


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