Sunday, February 19, 2012

Jaydon's 1st Birthday!!!

Feb 18th, 2012 - Happy 1St Birthday Jaydon!  I am very fond of kids, I love them and they love me back hee hee... When I got this booking from a great friend who wanted to celebrate her son's 1st birthday,  I told myself this is the time for me to make my imagination come to reality.  I took this opportunity to do what has been stucked in my mind for so long!! For this party, I wanted something cuddly and cute.  Some people say I am crazy for spending so much time for details but I love doing it and I wouldn't mind spending a little extra miles.

So here's what I've came out with a little bit of everything....a little polka dot, a little circle, a little stripe and a little colors.  The layout was absolutely fantastic because I had so much space to play around with the buffet counters.  

As for the food, my team and I have worked on 3 buffet counters. We have prepared a sumptious of buffet spread both for Adult and Kids corner not forgetting the beverage section.  For adult menu, we have prepared deliciously Cream of Pumpkin Soup, Wild Beef Hunters, Stewed Hawaiian Chicken, Garlic Buttered Vegetables, Prawn Fritters and Steam white Rice.  Kids corner there wereMini Chicken Pie, Mini Pizza, Mini Spring Vegetable Roll, Assorted Mashmellows, Candy, personalized cookies and Fruits.

Hey guess what too??  Maybe we should consider ourself as a one stop party place.  We also did Jaydon's 1st birthday cake and 200 pieces of assorted personalized cookies.  Pheww that was a lot of butter!!

The party went well and I was given a great feedback and compliments from this lovely couple!  Thank you once again for the opportunity and I am looking forward for more events like this.

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  1. Ahh! WONDERFUL! Not only the kids love it, we adults also make a lot of sound "Woo... Wow... wAhhh..."

    Loved the cakeSss and the colours!