Monday, October 24, 2011

Grrrr...Go Safari!

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October 25th, 2011 - Some say yummy, some say not enough , some say give more and some say it's addictive damn you chocolate lol!  Yes!  It's rich chocolate that melts in your mouth.

When you do not have time to buy anything to give to your kids "potluck" in school, kids theme party or whatever is the occasion, this is the best way to present something that would wow the rest of the kids and yes you too can enjoy this!  My personal experience sending cupcakes to school was really exciting!  Seeing them came running to me & curiously asking me "was that for me aunty"..ok not great being called aunty but it's ok I accept the fact now hahaha....

This is also a great way to give a person that you would want to cheer, appreciate what they did for you or just plan sharing some "tea break" at the office, everyone can enjoy a quick break! See not difficult :)

Let me know when you are ready to order at 016 819 7694.

Rich Choco

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