Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Mini Buffet Chow Down

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April 26, 2011/Tuesday -  Mini buffet la la land for mini Luncheon at KPD Cafeteria.  Chef Mursidi has chosen a perfect menu for the staff to enjoy after a long meeting.  Chef had prepared Chicken Rendang, Mix Vegetable in Butter sauce, Ikan Lemak Cili Padi and tropical Fruits.  All good and yummy!!

April 27, 2011/Wednesday - We delivered Nasi Kuning with Sambal Tumis Tom Yam Fish & Malay Traditional Cake "Bingka Ubi" to Sedcovest this morning.  Thank you for the feedback, it was great to know that the food was delicious.  Special thanks to Ms. Val. A.A for the order and to introduce us to new friends at your office.  We appreicate your hospitality and not forgeting "the smile" itu yang mahal....he he he

We wish to serve you more soon!

Many Thanks


  1. bev, mana itu gmbr yg nasi kuning with sambal tumis tom yam fish?..heheheh...membaca pun aku berliur sudah:)

  2. Ha ha ha Zan, the nasi kuning tidak tertangkap gambar tidak sempat :( We'll inform you bila ada order lagi ya..thank you for the comment