Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Double Happiness

April 17, 2011/Sunday - Keningau Double Happiness!   My Aunt Betty and I celebrated our advance birthday in Keningau. Thanks to mom, dad, sister & brother for the party!! Hrmm hmmm mmm our actual birthday is April 28...feeling lucky?? Buy this lotto number 2828 if you wish..lol... yup that's our combination birth date only different is the year hee hee hee....

This is also consider a family gathering, it's the only time that I could catch up with family members & enjoy the special feeling of being surrounded by relatives.  Sometimes this gathering can be monotonous, so to enjoy the gathering, I have to make an effort to change the environment by creating a nice meal & ambiance for everyone to enjoy.

Mom had prepared her "secret recipe" prawn & cauliflower cheese fritters.  Our old time favourite as a kid.   Special thanks to cousin Evelyn for her superb triffle, Marianne for her great chili padi dipper Uuuuhh!! Kick!! My brother for arranging the tables & keeping us entertained with great "country" music. Not forgetting Chef Mursidi for preparing the delicious food, Ayam Masak Kicap, Ikan Lemak Cili Padi, Vegetable Au-Gratin, Fried noodle & Live station it's a Must here..he has prepared special marinated grill Prawn, Lamb, Buffalo wings & Sausages.  Thanks to all who came to celebrate with us on this special day, it was great having everyone if not all, too bad my sister, David and little nephew DJ can't make it. Anyhoo, they took me to a beautiful dinner last night! That was amazing dinner. The meal was so fantastic I am begging for more or maybe just get the recipe--3 bowls of rice, I can tell you that has never happened before! Everything was delicious, including of course that amazing manggo dessert.

I appreciate It. It was great!  Feels like 15 again & look forward to more fantastic meal!

Thanks again all!


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