Thursday, June 21, 2012

Canon EOS 5D Cake

June 22nd, 2012 - One of the advantage of having working with so many hotels you picked up new friends...Typical Hotelier Me!!  Elly is also one of my ex co-worker at Novotel Kota Kinabalu.  She was one of the coolest senior sales manager, she patiently helped me out with my unfamiliar work.  Anyways, Elly now is working in Singapore, thanks to FB we managed to keep in touch from there. 

This was Elly's 2nd order from me.  I love this technology!! She wanted to surprise her dad in Kota Kinabalu and she started sending few samples for me to view.  A Canon Camera??  Wow ok!  I thought it was quite Challenging!  Whatever that is I take the challenge... 

I love surprises (only if it was good), I love to see the expression of the recepient...ok provided that I deliver the right product :)  So far so good!!  Phewww!!   

Previously, Elly ordered a 4kg Pure Butter Cake with Butter Icing on Lami design for her uncle Datuk Hong.  They loved it!!  So this time, she decided to have fondant icing for a change.  She requested Fruit Cake to suit her dad's favorite.  I normally put some whisky or brandy to my rich fruit cake but since she did not want any alcohol, I use brewed coffee to replace it.  This is to enhance the aroma and color of the cake.

I woke up at 5:00am to work on the Camera details.  Niceand quiet..I love it! Yeah!  I finished 2 hours ahead praise the lord!  While waiting for her sister to pick up, I managed to give a very last detail to the camera.  It was great challenge and I love it! 

Thank you Elly for your support, I appreciate it!  Look forward to your next order and challenge :) 

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