Sunday, June 24, 2012

Black and White Birthday Cake

June 23rd, 2012 - Setamping Apin Apin Keningau. A lot of times we could not remember everyone's birthday.  Especially like my family from my mother side is huge? We have tall and huge family tree and still expanding now 47 grand children of 8 family members and more than 50 great grandchildren?  Since we are huge, hardly see everyone in the family & some are overseas over mountain, only come back once or twice a year. Our uncles, aunties and oldest grand children of Dato Angian decided to form an association to gather everyone at least once a year during Christmas or Easter?  DAGASO (Dato Angian Grandchild Association) is formed after our grandfather's name Dato Angian in the 90's.    It is now actively run by our current President Mr. Alan Julian Angian. Recently we have visited and donated the girls domintory in Apin-Apin.  It was great exposure to our little cousins to let them experience what is life about outside the real world.

We try to make something really big each year, this association died off after few years because everyone was pretty busy with their own lifes.  However, we went back on again 2 years back. Everyone in the family was very supportive and contributed a lot to this association. 

Anyways, this day was actually to celebrate belated Harvest Festival.  At least 250 of our own relatives came to join this happy moment.  Food was absolutely wicked!!  We have had the whole 2 long tables filled with great food (pot luck style).  There were also a lot of lucky draw gifts, traditional games one of my favorite was hitting the gong while blind folded, local food competition, kids body builder and the high light for this event was the kids beauty peagant 22 contestant (pretty serious) lol.  I enjoyed myself and did not expect so many of my cousins came to celebrate this occassion. 

I baked this 2 tiers fruit cake for the opening ceremony followed by the birthday celebrant for June babies in our family.  I was glad that they loved my cakes.  I am looking forward to Christmas lets see what are the surprises next!

I wish DAGASO well and to Mr President keep up the great work! 

Praise you oh god for a wonderful family gathering. Amen

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