Friday, September 16, 2011

Smurf Is Back Baby!

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This was my favorite cartoon when I was a little girl and so you've watched the movie!  This has anspired me to make Smurf cupcakes, quite challenging for a person who has never done anything on fondant but thanks to "playdough" I have had enough practice lol.  After few trials & errors, I finally made the perfect red velvet recipe pheww....  Above picture is no joke 3 1/2 hours of labour for 6 pieces oh! 5 to be was a good training and thanks to my friend Joy, she came at the right time and she did all the "rounding" for me hee hee hee.  Now I know why they charge so much hee hee hee....But what a joy I was so happy with the result!

Lets reveal the charges;
a) Red Velvet with Fondant Icing @ RM6.50 each
b) Chocolate with Fondant Icing @ RM5.50 each
c) Butter with Fondant Icing @ RM4.50 each

Your Options of Flavor;
Chocolate based (Devil's Chocolate, Spiced Chocolate, Chocolate Ginger & Chocolate Chips)
Butter based (Coffee, Lemon, Orange, Mango, Rose & Banana)

* All of the above is Medium size.  You can request for different size, prices will be charged accordingly. 
* Minimum order 12 pieces
* Inclusive delivery around Kota Kinabalu area only.
* Additional charge for special wrap
* A 50% deposit is required upon confirmation
* Pre-Order;
- Three (3) days  - 12 to 50 cups prior to event & 
- One (1) week - 60 and above cups prior to event.
I love butter Orange, Coffee and Mango but that's just my personal preference... those are my favourite! Of course the rest tastes as good ;)

I look forward to your order!! Small Bite goes a Long way....

Thank you for viewing..happy days!


  1. My first time on fondant too hahaha!!.. But it was fun Bev, Thanks for the experience... With the testing part mmmm....yummy! - joy :-)

  2. No, thank you for assisting me, you made perfect rounds, sizes were all equal. And of course "Grandpa smurf looks young too" You sure know how to make him happy hahaha