Thursday, September 8, 2011

My "Private Practice"

Mini Assorted animal cookies gift favor
Animal Character Cookies suitable for kids gift favor
Hi All!!  Miss Me??  I have been away for a couple of months to upgrade myself lol...Here's the real thing..I Hate baking!!  My mother is a baker but I never took the appoturnity to learn, simply because I am clumsy. Each time when my mom asks me for help, it's either I accidently ruin her beautiful decorated cakes or I was just plain clumsy adding different types flour!  But hey, today...I bake my own cookies self taught and of course a little or maybe a few great tips and tricks from my mom.  I never thought I could do it but here I am enjoying every bit of it and I am loving it!  Little that I know, it runs in the blood lol...

These cookies are made to order and you may choose any color and design you desire to make them your own. 

Prices start at RM 3.50 to RM5.00 each depending on detail work, size and design.
Make a memorable event today! Call me at +6 016 819 7694

Baby Shower cookies gift favor

Wedding Cookies Gift Favor

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