Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Personalized Cookies Promotion!!!

Butter Mango Cookies

Okay here's the deal, I want to be generous & kind this month. I have a solution to all cookies lovers; whether you need a birthday cookies, a congratulations cookies, a cookie that says thank you or just because they're the sweetest thing that you've ever laid eyes on, I have put together a collection of the most delicious cookies for any occasion. These cookies are great as a gift favor. 

This promotion ends October 31st, 2011.  Your order is welcome now.

Here you go;
a) Option I
One (1) Dozen (12 pieces) @ RM30.00
Flavor - Butter Shortbread, Butter Mango & Butter Orange
Shape - Elephant, Giraffe, Rabbit, Frog (Assorted Animal), High Heel, Crown & Baby T-Shirt 
Icing Type - Royal Icing 
Normal Rate @ RM3.50 each

b) Option II
One (1) Dozen (12 pieces) @ RM36.00
Flavor - Chocolate chips, Chocolate almond & Chocolate Sultanas
Shape - House, Gown, Cake, Heart, Bell, Square & Round.
Icing type - Royal Icing
Normal Rate @ RM3.90 each 

* Note:Fondant Icing additional @ RM1.00

c) Option III
One (1) Bag of mini assorted cookies @ RM3.50 each
Flavor - Butter Orange/Mango cookies 
Shape - Car, Star, Teddy Bear, Puppy, Fish (All inclusive in a bag)

Purchase more than 100 pieces any of the above option, received a FREE cookie bouquet, according to your occasion.

1. You may change the flavor but the cookie's shape remain the same as there are diferrent in size between option I & II. (Not applicable on Option III)
2.  Additional charge for personalized lettering on wrapping, depending on design.
3. Additional charge for extra decoration on wrapping i.e wrapping bag, doll, ribbons and etc.
4. A 50% deposit upon confirmation.  Full payment to be settled upon received of goodies.
5.No cancellation charges seven (7) days prior to order.  Non refundable deposit at last minute cancellation.
6. Pre-order three(3) days for 12 - 80 pieces, seven (7) days for 100 and above pieces.

The above promotion inclusive standard wrapping and delivery around Kota Kinabalu area only. 

Thank you I look forward for your orders!

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