Friday, July 13, 2012

Pocoyo and Friends Chocolate Cake

July 14th, 2012 - I am so lucky that I have friends almost all over the globe.  I love making new friends and always got to keep the great ones.  Kate is my ex co-worker at Le Meridien Kota Kinabalu Hotel.  She was so fine, I always adore her way of dressing and not to mention she speaks Canadian accent, I'm not surprised she grew up in Vancouver Canada. If I closed my eyes I could hardly tell that she's chinese. Anyways, back to the story, so Kate is living in KL ever since she got married, this was the 3rd time that she surprised me with a phone call, she was back in town for work and at the same time to celebrate her little darling 2 Years birthday.  Kayla is a big fan of Pocoyo and Friends!  I have no idea what that was but thanks to technology you can find everything under the sun!  So I googled and see what is this Pocoyo?  ha ha ha...Wow!  super cute characters, I thought they were not so dificult to make.  Kate only wanted Pocoyo (the starring) but I decided to do another 2 characters to make the cake look a little cuter since I have lots of space to play on the cake.  She also wanted to incorporate with flowers and butterflies to Kayla's cake.  Kayla loves everything flowery & pastel colors.  She specifically wanted Lilac/Lavender color to blend all the characters. 

So here go, Pocoyo and Friends presented by Aunt Bev.  I was told when Kate was talking to her friend, Kayla secretly ate almost all the fondant butterflies.  That was too cute!!  Of course she wanted to eat Pocoyo too but Kate was upset with her and she did not eat pocoyo.  Kate told me that everyone was pleased and enjoyed the chocolate cake.  I was so happy they did!

Thank you once again for your support I do really appreciate it.  Hope you have a safe journey back to Kuala Lumpur and god bless you and your lovely family.

Aunt QT

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