Sunday, February 6, 2011

Live and On the Move Baby....

Because life is short, add fun & variety to your event!  We offer you LIVE STATION with EXCITING variety of many options to your guests and keep your event alive!  Be unique & serve in-style for your upcoming home, pool, beach or as long as it is called PARTY!  All in great hands of Chef in action you can trust!

Simply add a single station like below you'll wee many of our ideas for stations which could be utilized at your next event:-

Chef attended Carved on Roasts:-  This can be done with anything from roast beef to the choices of two or more of the following meats; beef, whole turkey, leg of lamb etc

                                LIVE GRILLING (Outdoor events during fair weather)
Chef attended barbecuing of anything and everything from skewers to fresh vegetables, seafood to steaks, SATAY or anything that you like.  Above mentioned prices vary according to your selection and overall menu.
Chef attended; make your own taco, fajita, or wrap from many toppings and garnishing offered.  Price varies with complete meal choices



Chef attended;
PASTA mama miya....
create your own pasta Five (5) types of pasta to choose from with two (2) types of sauce & topping.


Uncle Style...
Penang Char Kueh Teow/Mee Mamak or it can be anything upon your request.  (Serve No Pork).
Above mentioned prices vary according to your selection and overall menu.

Chef attended with five (5) types of sushi inclusive wasabi & soya sauce.

Life is really short if you do not end it with this vondalicious COOL BANANAS....

Chef attended; can be served with or without ice-cream.


                                          CREPE; Mango/Banana with chocolote sauce. 
Now pick your choice and make your party a reality call us now for details at
+6 016 819 7694
Note: A 50% deposit is required upon confirmation.  Call to secure the date.  All payment in cash.


  1. OMGEEEEEE!!! punya kambang biji mata sia tgk all the vondaliscious YUMMSS!!! bravo standing ovation bebeh!!

  2. all exclamation marks aside..can you please quote to me dinner catering for 50 pax:
    1) Western buffet with rack of lamb live station
    2) Penang / nyonya buffet with a relevant live station
    3) 1 VIP table to be served
    4) Venue @ Wisma SEDCO
    5) will let u know of the confirmed date once i will be sometime end of Feb
    6) incl. 5 round tables

    Thanx Babe..

  3. Thank you for your phone call this morning! Great to hear from you bebeh. Perfect! We will send you the quote soon! Meanwhile, cuci2 mata dulu here lah hehe..Cheerios Amiga!