Thursday, February 17, 2011

Daily 'A La Carte" Menu

Fish & Chips @ RM4.00
N.Lemak Kampung-Kampung @ RM2.50 OR N.Lemak Luar Biasa @ RM5.00

Hi All!  Here's a quick update from us at "Quick Takes" Menu Made to Order.  We are currently operating daily at KPD Likas Bay (Close to Peak Condo) for "A la Carte" menu.  You can enjoy quality taste for reasonable price for real....Come dine for less only at KPD Caferia with Love....

Business Operating Hours:-
Monday to Friday/7:00am-3:00pm
Kon Loh Mein served with BBQ Honey Chicken @ RM4.00

Goreng Pisang @ RM1.00 for 7 pieces

Goreng Ubi Manis @ RM1.00 for 7 pieces

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