Monday, January 7, 2013

Tray Of Togetherness

Enter The Year of The Black Snake 2013!!  So what do you know??  Time flies so fast!! We have just celebrated Christmas and New Year not long ago and now we are preparing for the Lunar Year.  I have been thinking hard whether to spend time with my family in my hometown or do what I do best "Eating & gathering" that means work ♥ Well I have checked with everybody in my family, looks like everyone has their own plan so the usual me... I do a little work while they are gone :) Don't get me wrong we are united. We have had fair share of Christmas celebration.  Now is the time for them to celebrate with the other half of the family which is far far away from town.  Take turns they say :)

Food in Chinese is not surprisingly plays a major role.  Chinese always have symbols in the food that they served.  I have just learned a thing or two during my search that in chinese culture each recipe symbolizes good fortune or has other lucky connotations.  So to make things short and simple I am sharing my notes, here go:-

Lucky or Good luck dishes must have in Chinese Plate during the Spring Festive.
1. Egg for Fertility
2. Noodle for Longevity
3. Fish for Prosperity
4. Chicken (Dragon + Phoenix)
Good marriage + the coming together of families. Whole bird means family unity
5. Seeds (Lotus, watermelon) bearing many children.
6. Fruit (Tangerines, Oranges + Pamelo) 
 Luck & wealth.  Pamelo for abundance of Joy!
7. Cake (sweet, steamed cake & sticky Rice)
for Richness & Sweetness in life. 
The layers symbolize the rising abundance for the coming year
8. Spring Roll symbolizes wealth because their shape is similar to Gold Bars

Note: Round shape (Table) means signify family reunion...there you have it. 
Now you have all the important meaning of "Good luck" food symbols.  My team and I are ready to serve this abundance of joy for this coming spring festive.  Our menus are designed according to the "Good Luck Fortune"dishes. 

Tray of Togetherness Package
Wheel of Happiness @ RM25.00 per person
The Laughing Budha @ RM30.00 per person
Bountiful Fortune @ RM38.00 per person

Friendly Note:
1. Minimum order at 50 persons
2. A 50% deposit is required upon confirmation
3. Inclusive Standard buffet setup, plates, glasses, cutleries, serviette paper.
To request service staff on standby minimum order at 100 persons.
4. Mode of Payment Cash.  Balance of payment to be settled immediately after the event.
5. Catering fee incured for outside catering.

Call now to enjoy our Tray of Togetherness package!! 

We wish you a Happy Prosperous 2013! 
Gong Xi Fatt Chai!!!

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