Sunday, October 14, 2012

Kiddie Package For School Treat!

This is one of my favourite thing to do KIDS SCHOOL TREAT.  When I was in kindergarten school, I remembered I have celebrated a few birthdays with my fellow classmates.  Mom always surprised me in school.  She baked the most delicious butter cake for me and knowing mom she did not stop there, she prepared lots more yummilious food enough to feed an Army lol... Oh Mom! I wish I was 6 again :) 

Today, just like mommy and all the moms out there do the same for their children.  However, time has changed, everything you want under the sun is provided.  Here's where I come in, I do the work and you have the fun!

Kiddie Birthday Cake
Your choice of Cake
a. 1.5kg @ RM150.00 + Inclusive requested Cartoon Figurine
b. 2kg @ RM200.00 + Inclusive requested Cartoon Figurine
c. 3kg @ RM275.00 + Inclusive requested Cartoon Figurine (2 tiered Cake)

Friendly Note:
1. Fondant/Butter Icing
2. Sponge Cake not available
3. Inclusive standard candles and Knife
4. Fixed Price

Flavors suitable for kids pick one:-
a. Butter Cake
b. Butter Orange
c. Chocolate
d. Chocolate banana
e. Marble

Kiddie Birthday Snacks
Your Choice of Menu
BAM! kiddie snack @ RM10.00 per person
Fried Mee Hoon with Condiments
Vegetable Spring Roll
Mini Chocolate Cupcakes
* End Of Menu*

 WIGGLE! Kiddie snack @ RM12.00 per person
Fried Mee Hoon with condiments
Chicken Boxing
Mini Egg & Cheese Sandwich
Chocolate Cupcakes
*End Of Menu*

 BOUNCY! Kiddie snack @ RM15.00 per person
Spaghetti with Meat Sauce
Mini Chicken Pie
Mini Vegetable Spring Roll
Mini Chocolate Cupcakes
*End Of Menu*

Note: Minimum order at 30 persons, inclusive delivery to school.

See you in class kiddo!! 

Terms and Conditions
1. Appreciate if you could make booking one (1) week prior to event
2. Payment Cash On Delivery
3. Upon confirmation, package selected is not to be changed.

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