Thursday, December 29, 2011

My Baking Story...History of 2011

Dec 29th, 2011 - It is almost year end.  I am extrememly excited and look forward for next year!!  Guess what?? In chinese calender it is the year of a Dragon and I am a Dragon lady, hopefully it will be a great year for me!!  Well, everyone has their own story or history to tell of how they begin something, whether it was planned or accidental, they say things happened for a reason.  In my case it was definately "accidental" .  My life was wrecked for some silly rumours, in June I lost everything in one night, I was financially & emotionally suffered but I survived.  Thank God MJ came to rescue, a true friend, a shoulder to cry on and  an angel.  It was an awful situation no words could ever decribed it.  I am speaking of a fact of life and I have no shame to share a little spice of my life here.  I could still recall some disturbing words & actions, hence those words were so prevailing that it makes me a stronger & a wiser person.  I was not proud of what happened but God opened another door for me & I have forgiven those who have hurt me.  I picked up baking, which something I think I could do it myself, so here I am standing still pursuing my goal and believing one day I could achieve what I wanted in life. ..Wow... I feel like writing my own book or make a movie already hahaha....maybe that will be in my next episode on "How I met my husband"  hahaha..that was just my wishful thinking...ha ha ha

If you have been following my blog I started of by selling "Nasi Lemak" in flea market last year November (time flies), down to small catering to full time baking.  I operate my business from home.  I wish to open up a small cafe one day but in a meantime let the magic begins at home.  It was a miracle that I could bake!!! I have never once bake in my entire life and how I hated baking, reason being too much to measure and a long very long wait....but hey now it is something I do for living.  How funny??? "God must be crazy" that movie...

Anyways, tracing my record, it has been 3 amazing months!  I feel like I have been baking for a long time but there's still more to learn.   Though I have been losing a lot..I mean A LOT of sleep (there goes my sleeping beauty) but it was all worthy.  However, hopefully not for long Ermm errmm single remember??....God still is crazy...kidding!!!  No rush just too much going on in my life right now, no space to date yet ha ha ha  Oh well enough said...that is life....

Back to baking, it is undescribable feeling when I have finished one task...I love all the challenges! Baking and designing a cake take a lot of patience, creativity & inner strength, when you do not have these strengths forget about I know why some cakes are done perfectly nice and all down to the capital "P" Passion & Patience....and of course when you enjoy doing something it will turn out great!

I am writing this just for the record and I truly appreciate  & grateful to have a friend like MJ, she is such an angel. I will not forget what she has done to save my life.  Another amazing friend is Stella who  has inspired me on baking, she bakes great cakes and she has magic touches on all her cakes.  Perfect for the eyes to admire and deliciously melt in your mouth. I thank her for her great tips.  Eileen is another great friend, she takes beautiful pictures.  She travelled so far to capture my pictures and she posted this to me.  What a true friend!!  I love all the pictures, I wanted to put up evertyhing!!!  Thank you Eileen for the effort I love them all!

Before the year ends, I'd like to personally thank all my friendss, relatives and especially my ex-colleagues who have been supporting me and not forgetting to my new clienteles. Thank you for the opportunity, I  appreciate your orders, feedback and comments. Enjoy your visit here at my blog, comments are welcomed :)

Don't stop believing in yourself ....Miracle does happened for those who believe in them....

I'm okay, I'm okay! May the force be with me!!

Happy New Year 2012 to all new and my well kept friends!


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