Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Yee Sang with A Twist!!.

Celebrate your New Lunar Year with this special created Yee Sang by Chef Mursidi... Yee Sang with A twist!

A little history of Yee Sang, its name itself, yee sang, means raw fish but can be taken to symbolise abundance, prosperity and vigour. 

All the ingredients & sause should be mixed and tossed as high as you can for better luck in lunar year.  When you toss everybody should say "LO HEI" so that new opportunity comes...

Prices Range from RM158 to RM288 with lots of variety to choose from for instance; Pan Asia, MaChinDia, Comtemporary & Old Fashion or Even Japanese Yee Sang.

Call us for more information at 016 819 7694

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